About our programme

Enrichment in our centre is what students do to look at subjects more in-depth or from different perspectives. Teachers encourage students to do further research into a subject by reading books or extra research from the internet.

There are opportunities for enrichment outside of the classroom. Students are encouraged to join in with societies or clubs which help broaden learning and help discover new passions. If you can contribute in any way that encourages your child to build up the depth of their knowledge, the better.

Enrichment is a way of making a subject more meaningful or enriching for a child. Here are some our examples of how this is achieved.

School trips to a museum, place of worship or historical monument of interest
Science days which focus on an area of the subject for a full practical investigation
Book weeks to encourage students to read certain, topical books of interest

Our qualified team of early educators relies on evidence-based Montessori philosophies to create a nurturing, child-centric environment where children aren’t pushed into timed expectations. We invite your child to learn at their own pace and build on natural inclination.

From birth to age 5, a child’s brain develops more than at any other time in life. We recognise that this window of time is crucial in boosting and supporting that growth through responsive caregiving and intentional discovery.

Innovative, INSPIRING, Intuitive.
The Montessori Method has been enriching the lives of children across the globe for over 100 years. This sustainable educational approach encompasses a holistic world view and lifelong learning, following the natural development of the child based on careful observation within a nurturing environment.

What is the Montessori approach?

When following the Montessori approach the child is seen as a dynamic learner, full of creative potential and in need of the maximum possible freedom to be allowed to develop as a happy, confident individual. Montessori schools therefore place greater emphasis on the importance of the learning process rather than the product. Montessori schools are learner-centred, where the inner abilities of the children are trusted. Adults in a Montessori school will not do tasks for a child (such as zipping up a coat or setting a table for lunch) but will show the child how to do the tasks for themselves. Observation of children is key, as through knowing what the child is able to do, and is interested in, the adult is better able to meet their individual needs.

The original Montessori Learning Centre in Batu Pahat, Johor. Boys and girls aged 2–6 years.


Morning Section: 8:00am–12 pm Monday to Friday​
​Afternoon: 1:00pm– 4:00pm Monday to Friday
Extended Session 4pm–6:00pm Monday to Friday


Batu Pahat , Johor, Malaysia.